To uninstall Nuclide, you run the Atom package manager uninstall command at the command-line:

$ apm uninstall nuclide

If you have a version of Nuclide prior to 0.0.35, you will need to follow a different process to uninstall Nuclide.

Re-activate Disabled Core Packages

Nuclide replaces Atom’s tree-view package in order to support remote file systems. When uninstalling Nuclide, you need to re-activate the tree-view package yourself. The following are two ways to do that:

  • Re-activate the tree-view package through Atom’s Settings page.

    1. Go to Atom | Preferences and select Packages from the list at the left.
    2. Scroll down to find the tree-view package listed under Core Packages, or type “tree-view” into the search box.
    3. Click the Enable button.

  • Edit your Atom config.cson file.

    1. Open ~/.atom/config.cson.
    2. Remove “tree-view” from the array of disabledPackages and save the file.

          disabledPackages: [
            "tree-view" # REMOVE THIS LINE