Nuclide provides a code outline to allow for quick navigation of a code file. This can be particularly useful for lengthy files with many classes, functions, methods, etc.


To toggle the Outline panel, you can:

  • Press Option-O (Alt-O on Linux).
  • Go to the View menu, and select Toggle Outline.
  • Click on the Outline button within the Nuclide toolbar.
  • Use the Try It button associated with the Outline Quick Launch menu in the Nuclide Home tab.

Clicking on any entity in Outline will bring you to the line in Nuclide that represents the beginning of the definition for that entity. For example, clicking on function withDestinationPath in the outline view will bring you to line 44 in the file that defines that function.

Outline currently supports Hack, PHP, Flow, JavaScript, Python, C++ and JSON files. If you have Outline opened for a file that is not supported, you will see a message similar to “Outline does not currently support…”


In order for the Outline to work correctly, the following are required for specific languages: